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    May 21, 2016
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    I would like to inform everyone about changes regarding the current Map 4. As some of you already know, we had some major bugs & issues that took a lot of time to be fixed and are still being worked on. These bugs & issues caused the player-base to decrease drastically and I am very frustrated that I am unable to fix it myself as they are hard-coded into our core plugin and the developer has university so he has little to no time to work on it, although he promised me to get it all sorted & working by this weekend. Overall the map has run very well comparing to past maps and I am very confident about our next map (Map 5) now that most bugs are fixed and being worked on & one of our owners is out-of-the-way and the server can be fully ran under myself with extra help from reputable members (Not going to mention them now). So I have decided to not let the server die but cut the current Map short and start revamping for the next one with a week-long Beta testing period and an overthought server. Thank you all for reading and I hope you understand this. <3

    Regarding FTOP:

    • Week 3:
      • 1; $150 BuyCraft
      • 2; $125 BuyCraft
      • 3; $100 BuyCraft
      • 4; $75 BuyCraft
      • 5; $50 BuyCraft
    • Week 4 (Last Week):
      • 1; $100 PayPal
      • 2; $75 PayPal
      • 3; $50 PayPal
      • 4; $100 BuyCraft
      • 5; $50 BuyCraft

    Other important information:

    • Map 5 FTOP rewards will range into $1000 as PayPal rewards and the maps would not last longer than 6 weeks, optimally 4 weeks.
    • There will be an 80% sale for the remaining duration of the map. Now if you think why you should donate during this sale, the main reason for that is because of the high FTOP rewards for next Map there will be much smaller sales ranging from 40-60% & the main reason you should donate now is to support Map 5 development so we can bring you the best experience!
    Map will END: 25th February @ 3pm EST

    With the week-long Beta testing period and the amount of development that will be done for next Map, I can assure each one of you a quality experience on BattleMade. Stay updated! ;)