Announcement Map #4 ~ Release Information! [$5K FTOP] (Saturday, 2PM EST)


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    Map 4 ~ Release Information
    $5000 FTOP Prize (Weekly)
    Saturday, January 27th at 2PM EST

    Click here for trailer reupload information.


    Hubs will open at 1PM EST, queues will unlock at 1:30PM EST

    We are so happy to be able to publish this map of BattleMade. After constant hours at the drawing board with me, @fanikz, and our amazing team, we have finally developed the most unique and competitive Factions server ever! Be sure to read over all changes, to grasp a full understanding of what to expect this Saturday.

    Important Information
    • Worlds (12 corners, 1 per faction)​
      • Overworld ~ 10k border, flat bedrock​
      • End ~ 5k border, flat bedrock​
      • Mars ~ 2.5k border, flat bedrock​
    • General Server Content​
      • Free FactionFly and TNTFill/UnTNTFill​
      • $5000 FTOP Prize, paid weekly (first payout is Feburary 10th)​
      • Grace period will last 1 week​
        • TNT will be completely disabled​
      • Left shooting is disabled​
      • Insiding is bannable​
    Factions Top

    The total F-TOP prize is $5,080.
    Each week, segments of it will be paid out. (8 week map)​
    • #1: $50 PP / $150 BCRAFT​
    • #2: $25 PP / $95 BCRAFT​
    • #3: $75 BCRAFT​
    • #4: $65 BCRAFT​
    • #5: $45 BCRAFT​
    • #6: $40 BCRAFT​
    • #7: $35 BCRAFT​
    • #8: $30 BCRAFT​
    • #9: $15 BCRAFT​
    • #10: $15 BCRAFT​
    Release Sale
    • For the first 3 hours of release, there will be a 60% sale.
    • After that, there will be a 45% sale for the next 3 hours.
    • After that, the sale will drop down to 30% for 6 hours.
    • So after 12 hours of the map being open, the sale will drop from 60% to 30%.​

    We understand the various issues economy had last map.​
    • View the new prices in /shop in-game.​

    Full Changelog / Main Features
    • Important: for all you people with console clients, use the command “/join factions” to automatically be put into the queue. (This is in place of /server, as we have a queue now)​
    • Crates have been re-worked​
      • We now have a new crates plugin!​
    • Removed Tokenshop​
      • We might introduce a mob hunting system mid-map.​
    • New /f level XP system. Your faction can generate XP by being online, and you will automatically level up. View all rewards with /f level​
      • This is instead of /f perks, which we removed.​
    • Custom Enchants​
      • Very simple and they do not interfere with PVP.​
      • Purchasable with EXP in the /enchanter GUI​
    • Factions Core​
      • Features many new commands, such as /f inspect and /f coleader​
    • New Queue System​
      • All donor ranks have a higher priority.​
    • Levelled Fishing Rods​
      • Level up your fishing rods for better rewards. Simply get a rod, and start fishing.[​IMG]
    • Cannoning Jar​
      • Ignited TNT is now invisible, to help out on those bad PCs​
      • Many optimizations have been done in the backend​
    • Hit detection and KB is now perfect - we mean it.​
    • Treasure Goblins​
      • These are bosses you can spawn in the WarZone and punch for rare loot.. Purchasable from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • New Faction Boosters​
      • Purchasable from our web-store, or from crate winnings.​
    • Gen Buckets​
      • Type “/gen” to receive a bucket. Left click that bucket to view gen bucket variants.​
    • Spawner Turrets​
      • These are crystals you can right click whilst looking at spawners in a raid, to immediately drop them in a radius of 5.​
      • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • Craft Wands​
      • These will craft all ingots into blocks​
      • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • Sell Wands​
      • These will sell all contents of a chest when clicked on​
      • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • Lightning Wands​
      • These will ignite creepers, useful for raiding, to create a larger blast radius.​
      • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • Chunk Busters​
      • Place these down in your territory to trench out a 48x48 (3 chunk) area of land.​
      • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • Crop Hoppers​
      • Place these down in a chunk to collect all cactus.​
      • These can be obtained from our web-store, or from crates.​
    • Battle Flares​
      • These are loot caches that drop from the sky into the warzone every 2 hours. View the next battle flare event at the hologram at /warp pvp.​
    • King Of The Hill Events​
      • These are ran every 3 hours, only exception is on release.​
      • Loot has been improved a lot since last map.​
    • Outpost Event​
      • Outpost is a 24/7 event where your faction can control for 2x XP, $15K per 30min, and permanent Speed II.​
    • New custom event: The Goblin’s Cauldron​
      • This is a weekly event ran on BattleMade, where you can battle evil goblins with your faction for amazing loot.​
      • Stay up to date on our Discord for when we will run this event.​
    • Improved economy.​
      • The most expensive spawners are now: Enderman ($1.5mil), IG ($2.5mil), and ZP ($3mil)​
    • All spawners cost $10k each to mine.​
      • Don’t mine your spawners down when you sleep, seriously. It’ll cost you.​
    • Redone the /warp and /gkit GUI’s​
    • E-W cannoning patched, and autos are not allowed.​
    • Insiding is not allowed.​
    • You can now use [item] to display your items in chat (donor only)​
    • We have added /repair hand for $2k, and /repair all for $35k.​
    • Stacking on world border fixed​
    • IGs now spawn with 5 health, and on fire. (happy grinding!)​
    • Fixed mob stacking​
    • Fixed custom mob drops​
    • Updated our web-store with new bundles, and better prices.​
    • Flying is now disabled in WarZone completely.​
    • Envoys now have better loot​
    • Re-done the /gkit GUI, as well as added a new February kit​
    • Prestigious GKIT permissions / cooldown has been fixed​
    • Punch enchantment is now disabled!​
    • All players have /sell wand and /sell all (cooldowns on both)​
    • Ally limit is 1​
    • Faction member limit is 75​
    • Ally limit per IP/player is 25​
    • AFK fishing is bannable​
    • Console clients are bannable (only if you use them for selling, using them for power is allowed)​

    Do not miss this release!
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    Great update!!

    Can't wait for everyone to see all the work that has been put into this map.
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    Also do donors get the same repair commands as last map?