Factions Map 14

We are introducing a new and improved Factions for Season 14 so grab your friends, create a faction, and fight to see who will be the King of Factions for the new season!

$5,000 F-TOP

Release is Saturday 3pm EST.

TNT will be disabled for 7 days

New Events

Last map, factions got bored quickly with the stagnant PVP enviroment the server had. We wanted to change that.Introducing all new, daily, warzone events. Factions will have the option to engage in these competitive battles for a chance to win some of the best loot on the server, or, other factions can stay at their base and trench; At Gladiator Factions, it is all about your choice.

Warp Raids

The long awaited Warp Raids will be making its debut! This will consist of a WarZone full of Premade Faction Bases allowing players to raid daily for some OP Gear and Loot! Who will be the first Faction to take over the brand new Warp Raid?!

New Economy

Economy has been looked into and changed on Factions Gladiator making it a better experience for new and returning Factions Players!


Collectors collect all mob drops and cactus/sugarcane in a chunk.

They reduce lag on the server, and will cost $20mil each. You can win them from high-tier crates also!

They will also be on sale on the store for $7.50 / 16x.



New Spawn

New season means a new spawn right? That's right! We have a New Spawn built giving everyone a warm welcome to the New & Improved Factions!

Revamped Crates & Stuff

Crate Keys & Monthly Crates have been buffed and revamped! Head over to https://store.battlemade.com to pick up a little boost into Season 14 of Factions Gladiator!


Payouts will be happening on Saturdays at a random time each week giving you and your faction a chance to redeem yourself for some prize money!

  • Top #1: $0 PayPal & $0 BC
  • Top #2: $0 PayPal & $0 BC
  • Top #3: $75 BC

Invite Rewards

You can invite players to our discord to earn great rewards. By creating your own Invite Link, we can keep track of everyone you invite, and once you reach a milestone, you can spend your invites on a prize, or save up for the final prize! Once you claim a reward, the amount of invites you used will be removed.

Head to the #invite-rewards channel in the BattleMade Discord for more information on how to earn great rewards!


DISCORD: https://battlemade.com/discord