SkyBlock Map #1 | Saturday, May 25th | $1,000 IS-TOP Prize!

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    Greetings everyone,

    Guys, I am so excited to release skyblock! The setup for this server has been well tested for roughly 2 months, and we've had this server ready to release for quite a while. I believe this is the perfect time to launch it, as Factions Map 13 has went down. This will give you experienced try-hard factions players a chance to play something a bit more chill for once, before Factions Map 14 launches.

    Before reading this post we highly recommend you watch our trailer to get a general idea of what this map is about!

    Before I delve into the details of this reset, please note the following date and times as to when we're launching Skyblock Heroes:

    May 25th, 2019
    3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT

    For any other timezones, type "3PM EST" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location.

    Server Details
    The following information are the basic server details for our upcoming reset. To see new features, keep scrolling until you see the "Features" section.

    Island Top - $1,000
    As per usual, we'll be offering store vouchers and some PayPal prizes for those players that have the highest valuation islands. Island Top will work on this server very differently from others. As per every skyblock server, emerald / diamond / gold blocks will increase your value, but not by a lot.. The main thing that will increase your island top ranking will be sponges and beacons. These items can be won from events, crates, and from fishing or mining rewards. Please keep in mind, it will still be possible to win IS Top if you solely focus on spawners and valuables, rather than sponges and beacons, so don’t feel discouraged.These vouchers will be distributed every week from May 25th onward, until the map comes to a close. (5 weeks)

    #1 - $40 PayPal / $45 Voucher
    #2 - $45 Voucher
    #3 - $40 Voucher
    #4 - $20 Voucher
    #5 - $10 Voucher​

    Not only are we adding tons of new content on launch, but a series of weekly updates to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. These will include limited time kits, events, island themes, commands, and a whole lot more. The content listed below is what will be available on day-one of launch, with the rest of the new content being revealed close to their own launch on Discord.

    Daily Challenges
    This is a custom feature unique to BattleMade skyblock, inspired by CosmicPVP. Every day, a new challenge opens, and the player who can complete the most of the challenge will win the prize! For example, some challenges may be: who can kill the most mobs, who can kill the most players, who can mine the most blocks, who can claim the most tokens in a day, etc..


    There are three minion types, and each can be purchased either in-game, or through our Buycraft store. The types are Miner, Farmer, and Slayer. Slayer kills mobs it’s facing, Farmer farms crops, and miner mines blocks it’s faced towards.

    Fishing Rewards
    Similar to factions, you can win rewards from fishing. This ties into MCMMO, as your MCMMO Fishing level lets you win better loot as it is levelled up. You can win Crate Keys, Spawners, and Money.

    Island Missions
    Similar to our previous Factions, we're introducing missions to Skyblock. View the current mission by typing /missions.


    Outpost / KOTH
    Outpost is an event where your island can control an area for buffed sell prices. This event will be enabled a few days after release.

    Quarry Event
    Is a new custom event exclusive to BattleMade skyblock. Essentially, islands will fight in an arena to capture the reactor core. This reactor core contains very rare items inside. Once a player right clicks the core, a cooldown of 30 seconds will start. After this cooldown, a chest will spawn with loot. Whatever island can be the last standing wins the loot!

    Island Panel
    There is a very clean /is GUI that can help you manage your island fairly quickly.


    Bosses will be rolled out in the form of content updates as the server progresses. There will be two tiers of bosses available on launch, with more on the way. Bosses can be spawned on your island, and killing them will yield you rare loot such as Monthly Crates, Keys, Perks, and more. The better the loot, the more difficult the boss will be. It is advised that you fight these bosses with your island members for maximum chance of success.

    Crop Hoppers, Sell Wands, Chest Sell Signs, Harvester Hoes, etc
    These are the basics every Skyblock server should have. Just thought I’d say them here!

    Ranks will not be transferred from Factions, as this is a separate realm. The ranks for this realm are all superhero/villain themed, and are relatively inexpensive!

    Closing Remarks
    Please welcome yourselves to phase two of BattleMade. We're doubling down on development resources, content, influencers, and much more to make the experience ultimately great. I'm very excited to take BattleMadae to new heights. With best regards from the rest of the team and myself, we'll see you on May 25th for an absolutely amazing season.

    Sniper, Onecow, and BrendonAyl say: “Come play Skyblock Saturday!”
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