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    IGN (In Game Name): Rihannna

    Age: 16 years old

    Timezone: EST

    Country: I am currently residing in the United States.

    Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I own a quality working microphone.

    Discord Tag: alena#0001


    I work Monday-Friday from 12 P.M. - 4 P.M. I do have a lot of free time and a lot of availability to be active after I'm done with my shift, which is why I'm interested in becoming staff for this server. I can be there whenever needed, and moderate as much as I can.

    Past Experience:

    I have had a lot of previous staff experience including Discord moderation.

    The following are Minecraft servers that I have been accepted for staff on:

    - Blockify: This server maintained at least 500-600 players on average every day and I had gone up to the administrator rank. I had later resigned, due to the lack of communication between the staff members.

    - VeltPvP: VeltPvP was a pretty popular server that people knew, and I had been staff on VeltPvP for months. I had almost gotten promoted to the Mod+ rank but later resigned due to the drama that happened between multiple staff members. I had learned how to deal with various different people in TeamSpeak support rooms for hours upon hours. Additionally, I had to learn how to handle a ton of different situations that involved griefing, hacking, DDoSing/Doxing, etc. I had gained a lot of staff experience from just this one server.

    - Emenbee Realms: This server was not too big, but did at one point had at least 1000+ players active. I staffed on this server for at least two years and only got up to the moderator rank, but I did obtain OP and did a lot of management such as promoting new staff, hosting events, and more. The owner had died and the server had officially shut down due to the tragic death.

    - MineMan Club: I got offered this rank by a manager and was trial, but ended up getting demoted due to lack of punishments. (Truth was, I was on for hours looking for punishments and always got them stolen by another staff member, lol)

    - KoonKraft: I got staff on this server twice, both times they'd shut it down due to lack of players. I made it up to moderator and was very active. The owner had vouched for the fact that I was an excellent staff member.

    There are a lot more servers that I had been staff on, but these are some of the bigger ones that most people know about, and they are ones that I learned the most from.

    The following are Discord servers that I have been accepted for staff on:
    (I will just be listing out the name, role, and how long I was staff for so it doesn't get too long)

    Meezoid's Discord: I was manager, staffed for a year and a half, and later resigned due to conflicts that occur between several staff members.
    - The Fortnite Nation: I had obtained manager, staffed for a few months, and later resigned.
    - Spifey's Discord: I was senior mod, staffed for several months, and the server later shut down due to rumors being spread around on the manager and it looked bad for the server.
    - Aventus Minecraft Community Discord: I am currently staff manager on this server.

    As I said previously, there are a lot more servers that I had staffed, but some I don't remember that well.

    Why do you want to become staff?:

    I believe that my experience in the past will help me get the helper position. I get along with mostly everyone, and I am not easily offended. I feel that I can positively affect the community, and make BattleMade a much better place for the veterans, and newcomers alike. I will be able to moderate the server during busy times because whenever it's busy. Additionally, I will also be able to answer any questions that the players within the server might have, and answer them to the best of my ability so that the players are well informed about the server rules. I see loads of potential in BM in player base, and as well as other important key factors that you need to have in a successful network, which is one of the main reasons to why I'm super interested.

    My biggest goal, if I am able to get this role that is, is to help change the community from its hatred and to get it to be as the old Minecraft community; where everyone was friends and there was not as much as toxicity as there is now.

    Why should we accept you as staff?:

    If I were to be staff on here, I believe I'd be more motivated to play more and spend more hours on the server to help everyone to the best of my ability. I'm someone who enjoys helping others and making communities a better place. Helping is one of the things I love doing! I can socialize with others in a jokingly matter, and also still be mature when needed to be. Also, I am pretty good at settling disputes between players before they escalate into something more. In the past, I have been targeted by rude and disrespectful people so I understand what it is like to be ganged upon. Being a female is not easy in such a toxic community, which is why I want to help others alike to know that they are in a safe place and that we as staff will look out for them.

    I personally believe that I am very mature for my age. I think that maturity is important while being staff on different networks because if you're going to be at authority, being mature plays in a lot of different situations especially if your main role is to assist those who need help, and make sure everyone is obeying the rules. You are someone that the players look up to, and expect to keep this server a clean place. Maturity is something a staff member should have in every situation you come across whilst being a staff member or just a regular player. I see that a lot of staff members on the server are mature already, and are pretty chill which I admire. All in all, I have the capability of handling situations in a professional way and mature way.

    Additional Information:

    All I want to say is thank you for taking the time to read this application and I hope you have a great day.

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    You will receive more information soon regarding your interview.
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