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    BattleMade welcomes all players to our network, old and new alike. We hope everyone has an enjoyable experience here, and to do so, rules must be followed.

    Chat Rules:
    • Racism is strictly prohibited in any form
    • No spamming/chat flooding (sending several chat messages in a short period of time)
    • Do not impersonate or disrespect staff members
    • DDoS/Dox threats are not allowed in any format
    • You cannot release personal information of any user regardless of circumstance
    • Advertisement of other networks websites/discords/etc is not allowed
    Game Rules:
    • Hacking or using an illegal modification is disallowed
    • If you are punished on an account, you CANNOT evade the punishment on an alternate account
    • Real world trading and monetary transactions are prohibited
    • Insiding is now bannable
    • Do not exploit or misuse glitches or bugs
    Factions Rules:
    • You can have a max of a 20 chunk buffer starting at your first wall
    • "Unraidable" base defenses are not allowed and will be forcibly removed if found.
    • Left/Right shooting cannons are prohibited
    • "Bitch Claims" are not allowed
    • Faking insides will result in a disband and disqualification from F-Top payouts
    • Regen walls are disabled
    • Auto-Farms are not allowed
    • Roof cannoning is not allowed
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