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    Jun 17, 2019
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    IGN (In Game Name):
    Pacific Standard Time (NA)
    United States of America
    Do you have a microphone?:
    Yes, Razer Kraken
    Discord Tag:
    I am currently on summer break now-August 16th
    so all week monday-sunday I'll be on for 4-12 hours! (As of TNT enabled I have 4 days played!)

    during school:
    Monday: 4-5 Hours
    Tuesday: 4-6 Hours
    Wednesday: 5-7 Hours
    Thursday: 4-6 Hours
    Friday: 5-7 Hours
    Saturday: 4-12 Hours
    Sunday 4-9 Hours

    Past Experience:
    I understand this is a bigger server and you need experience but I, unfortunately, have none. I promise I can and will be very mature, some of you may say I'm toxic but 9/10 times I apologize. I will act as if I have been staff in the past!
    Why do you want to become staff?:
    I want to become staff because I have a frienship with a lot if not all of the staff members! I want to help the community become a non-toxic, better place. I want to be apart of the great server by the name of BattleMade. I want to say I helped get this server get where it is in the future when it gets even bigger than it already is! I can help stop hackers, stop chat spam, help with tickets and etc! I want to be a guy that all players can come to for help, questions, etc! I am cool with pretty much every single player on battlemade, so I believe that I can help them all personally from a player view because I've created a bond with this community! I want to see this community go forwards with no looking back, I'll be honest with any ideas, updates, changes done to the server as a player it'll help staff really understand our opinions. And it'll help the server only get better.
    Why should we accept you as staff?:
    A wise player by the name of Oxro told me "Staff are changing for the better" and I believe that I can be a staff that helps the server become the "better" he was talking about. I will put my 110% into every ticket, hack case, item issue, chat problem and more! I think you should recruit me because I will put hours into this server to make it better! I want to make sure every second, minute, hour, etc is counted on battlemade! I'll be able to check tickets very often since I'm on so much! I'll moderate chat almost all day! I'll put staff work over my player work! I will always be honest, trustworthy, respectful, wholesome, and fair! I don't have a bad record as a player on any server! I can help get inside info on stuff like hacks, cheating (dupe), disrespect etc as I am cool/friends with almost every player =D. I don't abuse and will never abuse my staff powers, I do not think I am superior to any player or staff member, and I know to listen to my higher staff members. I will never defend someone in the wrong even if its a faction player/friend. I know wrong from right. I'm mature with a sarcastic side when wanted/needed! I am very patient with players and will not rush things. I know to be a role model player for the entire community of BattleMade.I am motivated to wake up every morning and hop on to satisfy every player and make sure they're having a good time on this amazing server! Thanks for Reading


    Additional Information:
    Oxro approved of re-staff app. I've been playing this server for probably longer than anyone on this map, racking in a 4 day 10-hour mark as of 6/23/19 5:40 am pst, meaning I will be active to help! I decided to not copy my old staff app even though I had permission to because I am changed, for the better and I am going to be more friendly and mature. I completely understand I'm 14 with slim to none experience but I promise it'll be a great decision in the long run! Please leave feedback in the reply section! Rank: Partner
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    Congratulations! Your application has been accepted. You will be receiving more information shortly.
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