Legacy Faction Recruitment!

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    Hey all!
    This is the Official Legacy faction recruitment form!
    We're a small but growing faction looking for a wide range variety of players!
    We are looking for players who want to work as a team, have fun and be competitive!


    You must be over the age of 13!
    Schematica (not a must but is essential for raiding etc)
    English speaking!
    Experienced players! (Veterans who are in need of a faction please apply! let us help you!)
    The time and effort to help the faction succeed.
    Friendly (no toxicity, however banter and joking is of course allowed! especially memes)

    With the form if you could DM me on discord with a copy and paste!
    and I'll get back to you within 24 hours!




    Your experience with factions: (briefly explained)

    What can you bring to the faction?

    Do you have schematica? if so do you know how to use it?

    Estimated weekly play time?

    Any other questions please feel free to ask!

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