Factions Map 14 - Saturday, 3PM EST [$5,000 F-TOP]

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    Hello everyone!

    With the launch approaching in just a couple of days, we felt that we mustn’t leave you guys in the dark. As many of you already know, management has undergone a major revamp. Factions Map 14 is nearly here and this is definitely a special one! We're going to be doing some stuff for Map 14 that we've only done once on BattleMade so far. All information in regards to that can be found below, however before you do that it is very important that you know the following:

    BattleMade's Summer Sale is ending shortly meaning Ranks, Keys, GKits, Crates, and more will raise in price so be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts.​

    Factions Map 14 releases..
    Saturday, 14th of June at 3:00 PM EST

    A lot of effort went into the creation of this trailer. We hope you all find it enjoyable!

    This map, we will be spicing things up with trailer reuploads:
    • We have a custom Discord bot that parses the trailer reupload channel, and will instantly reward you with your crate keys once you join Saturday. So, what's different? All IGNs will be registered, and 5 IGNs will be randomly picked by the bot to win $75.
    General Info
    • 80 Man Factions
    • 0 Allies
    • There is loot at every faction corner. Faction corner claims are also announced.
    • 100 Power per player
    • 16 Corners, 4 Worlds
      • Mars: 5k x 5k
      • End: 5k x 5k
      • Overworld: 10k x 10k
      • Blizzard: 5k x 5k (Will be enabled Sunday 4PM EST)

    Release Events

    The following will occur on Saturday:
    • 2:30PM EST - Hubs open / Factions queue opens​
    • 3:00PM EST - Factions opens​
    • 4:00PM EST - All trailer keys / giveaways will be ended by this time.​
    • 7:00PM EST - First KOTH of the map​
    The following will be disabled in the first hour of release:
    • Factions Fly​
    • Chat​
    • F Wild​
    • Outpost​
    • Players will be invisible at spawn​
    • General rules can be found here
    • Raiding rules can be found here
    • Faction warnings can be found here

    We will be having a one week grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:
    • TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
    • Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
    • Mining Spawners will not cost money during this period.
    • The so-called “bitch claims” will be removed.
    • /fps will be disabled.

    $5,000 F-TOP Prize

    There will be a $5000 Factions Top prize for Map 14.
    First payout is June 29th.

    Prize Distribution
    • 1. 100$ PayPal + 125$ Buycraft
    • 2. 55$ PayPal + 100$ Buycraft
    • 3. 85$ Buycraft
    • 4. 75$ Buycraft
    • 5. 60$ Buycraft
    Key Features / Changes
    New season means a new spawn right? That's right! We have a New Spawn built giving everyone a warm welcome to the New & Improved Factions!

    This is quite possibly the biggest key feature of this map. We've hired an amazing developer to recode some of the main functions of the server, and the Factions fork is one of them.

    Mob coins can be obtained from killing mobs. They can be used in the "/transfer" GUI shop, which displays 6 weekly rotating items. Mob coins are very rare to obtain. (won't be like skyblock ;))

    This is quite possibly the biggest key feature of this map. We've hired an amazing developer to recode some of the main functions of the server, and the Factions fork is one of them.

    A past issue with Faction maps was the crazy custom enchantments that made PVP incredibly boring. This map, we've decided to simplify things by adding potion custom enchants. These will be things like speed, jump boost, etc, and can be purchased in the /enchanter GUI with EXP.

    We've revamped the old printer system. All old issues are fixed.

    This is a weekly event ran in the Warzone where OP bosses rise from the ground. More information on this will be reveled before it is ran.

    In line with our community plan to increase player retention, we want to increase the amount of PVP that's happening on the server. KOTH events are now ran every 2 hours, and supply drops are ran every hour. We're also introducing a new event where a random pig will spawn somewhere in the Warzone with speed 5, and whoever kills it first will win some big prizes.

    We've fixed the issue past map with fishing not working with MCMMO. Fishing rewards are rewards players randomly win from fishing. Fishing rods are also levelling, and better loot is won the higher the level. Legendary fishing rods are regular levelled rods but with better loot.

    Bug Fixes
    • We have finally identified and 100% fixed an issue that our backend has been experiencing for the past 2 months; expect absolutely no downtime (except for scheduled restarts), and faster queue times.​
    • Fixed a rare issue where players would crash whilst connecting (very rare)​
    • Added Battle Pass back to the server and made it worth it​
    • Revamped crate keys a lot​
    • Added a new “Rank” Crate Key​
    • Added a new “Reward” Crate Key - this key can be obtained from fishing, grinding MCMMO, and killing players. Is is lower-tier compared to other crates.​
    • Fixed TNT Wands not working with collectors​
    • Fixed all issues regarding harvester hoes​
    • Fixed F TNT​
    • Fixed all issues with Factions permissions (e.x. interacting with trapdoors, etc)​
    • Collectors are now integrated with Outpost​
    • KOTH Loot has been fixed​
    • KOTH Schedules have been fixed​
    • Disabled /warp in duels​
    • New kits and arenas have been added to /duel.​
    • Economy has been slightly modified to provide for a more competitive and less stagnant experience.​
    • ALL issues relating to the old printer system have been fixed​
    • Bow boosting is allowed​
    • All TPS issues have been resolved​
    • Battle Pass has finally gotten a well-needed revamp​
    • Shockwave Tools are flawless now (we've changed to a new system)​
    • We have changed our gen bucket system! Expect better server performance from this, and easier user usability.​
    Closing Remarks
    I hope to see all of you online Saturday for our big release.

    IP: pvp.battlemade.com
    DISCORD: https://battlemade.com/discord

    This Saturday, at 3:00 PM EST.

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