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    THIS SATURDAY, March 23rd - 2PM EST
    $1,000 F-TOP Prize

    Click here for a live countdown

    STORE: https://store.battlemade.com
    DISCORD: https://battlemade.com/discord
    IP: pvp.battlemade.com

    Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive two rare keys. For more information about reuploading please join our Discord and look for the #trailer-reupload channel!


    We will be having a one week grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:
    * TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
    * Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
    * Mining spawners will not cost money during this period.
    * Bitch claims will be removed off corners and corners only.

    Overworld: 10k border
    Blizzard: 5k border
    End: 5k border
    Mars: 5k border


    New Factions Plugin
    TRUST ME; we have heard your guys complaints from all the missing essential features last map. Things like /f TNTBank, /f warp, /f coleader were missing! We fixed all of that, and completely switched to a different factions fork. The new fork has many great features, such as /f vault, click to claim F maps, a better f upgrades, f tntfill, coleader, warps, and many more features.

    Spawner Tax
    Spawners now cost money to mine. We are debating on making them cost either 25% or 50%, please vote in Discord!

    We know it was bad last map. We've hired a developer to recode our cannoning jar, and things should be functional now.

    Dark Realm
    The Dark Realm is a world where all forms of teleportation are disabled, and you can only leave via a water portal in the world. There is an outpost in this world, and the rewards are much better than the other outpost in the regular world. There are also envoy drops in this world that are very OP!

    Revamped Fishing
    We have revamped fishing for rewards.

    Mining Rewards
    You can now win loot from mining!

    Mob Rewards
    You can now win loot from grinding mobs!

    Harvester Hoes
    We have fixed harvester hoes, they now give the appropriate amount of MCMMO.

    Infusion Tools
    We have added a new infusion shovel, as it makes sense since we added an all-snow world.

    Multiple Useless Features Removed
    This map, we are taking a different approach to Factions; simplifying things. We have removed many useless features, such as mob coins.

    General Optimization (Hoppers)
    We have optimized multiple aspects of the server, where we were lacking last map. Specifically, hoppers, and mob spawning.

    Crates have finally gotten a much-needed revamp from last map!

    Meteor Showers
    We have finally fixed up envoys and made them worth grinding for.

    Network Revamp
    We've updated our DNS and any-cast routing servers to accommodate for players in EU and AU locations, giving you guys the lowest latency possible to BattleMade. Thank us later.

    New Gen Bucket System
    We've revamped gen buckets, making them fully asynchronous, and adding a cleaner GUI. Also, if an enemy is within 50 blocks you will not be able to use them.

    Custom Enchantments
    Man.. we have had issues with custom enchants for atleast 3 maps straight now. These have ALL been fixed! We have also simplified custom enchants this map.

    Yes! Completely flawless. Finally.

    KOTH Events
    KOTHs have finally gotten a much-needed update. We now have scheduled daily KOTH events, and we have a clean GUI for you to view KOTH events with (/koth)

    Store Revamp
    We've pushed out a new web-store theme, and fixed up pricing. Don't expect permanent 90% sales like last map anymore.. ;)

    the person in this picture is a beautiful human being. i know you're reading this right now<3

    THIS SATURDAY, March 23rd - 2PM EST
    Click here for a live countdown

    STORE: https://store.battlemade.com
    DISCORD: https://battlemade.com/discord
    IP: pvp.battlemade.com

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