Factions Map 11 Information - Saturday, 2PM EST - $2K FTOP

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    ALL TRAILER REUPLOAD INFORMATION: https://battlemade.com/trailer/


    $3,000 F-TOP
    Map 11 - Saturday, January 26th (2PM EST)

    Welcome to the announcement thread for Factions Map 11! We’ve been working on this map for a while, and we cannot wait to fully release it to you guys. Be sure to read over all information in this thread, as we’ve changed a lot of things!

    STORE: http://store.battlemade.com
    DISCORD: https://battlemade.com/discord
    (( There will be a limited time 85% sale before release! Get your items now! ))

    Map Information:
    • Overworld, 10,000 x 10,000 border​
    • End, 5,000 x 5,000 border​
    • Mars, 5,000 x 5,000 border​
    • 12 corners in total​
    • Re-uploading trailer will award you with 1x Legendary key on release. Be sure to use the exact title & description.​
    • $2,000 F-Top​
    • $200 BalTop Reward​

    BalTop Info
    • BalTop Prize in total: $200~​
    • Prize will be paid out at the end of the map​
      • #1: $75 Web-store credit​
      • #2: $25 Web-store credit​
      • #3: $15 Web-store credit​
      • #4: $10 Web-store credit​
      • #5: $10 Web-store credit​
      • #6-10: $10 Web-store credit​

    F Top Info
    • FTop Prize in total: $2,000​
    • There will be weekly payouts, paid out every Saturday. (5 week map)​
      • #1: $75 PayPal​
      • #2: $25 PayPal / $75 Web-store credit​
      • #3: $15 PayPal / $50 Web-store credit​
      • #4: $35 Web-store credit​
      • #5: $25 Web-store credit​
      • #6-10: $10 Web-store credit​
      • First day of payouts: February 9 (Saturday). This is to give everyone a fair chance of winning and to not rush anything, as the map just started.​
    • At the end of the map, there will be a final FTop prize:​
      • #1: $100 Web-store credit​
      • #2: $90 Web-store credit​
      • #3: $60 Web-store credit​
    Economy Sheet

    Main Factions Changes / Fixes
    • You cannot mine spawners when enemies are close​
    • You can not place water on spawners anymore​
    • IGs now spawn on fire​
    • Mob Coins GUI has been simplified​
    • Blazes don’t get damaged by water anymore​
    • F alarm, this is an alarm that will go off if you do not check your walls every 2 hours​
    • F ban / unban, self-explanatory​
    • F lowpower, will show you which faction members have the lowest power​
    • F reserve, this is a feature for you to be able to reserve a faction name, so nobody else can claim it​
    • Faction Missions; these are fun missions you can complete with your faction for rewards!​
    • F warps and F wild have been added​
    • East-West Cannons fixed​
    • TNT lag has been fixed​
    • New Mars world, & Nether world has been disabled​
    • Gen Buckets & Scaffolds​
    • Sell wands have been fixed from last map​
    • Click to claim /f map​
    • /f perms, /f banner, /f stealth, /f coleader, /f motd​
    • Visible 1.8 WorldBorder​
    • 1 ally allowed​
    • All issues with Faction Fly have been fixed​
    • Sand stacking fixed​
    • Free factionfly, free TNTFill​
    • Shockwave 3x3 Picks, Infusion 5x5 Picks​
    • GKits, & a new limited time SUMMER GKit​
    • Increased cactus / sugarcane growth​
    • 100 power per player​
    • 150 members per faction max​
    • NEW Meteor Showers, these happen every 2 hours in the WarZone​
    • Custom Enchants have been slightly nerfed​
    • HIGHLY improved crate rewards​
    • Player balances no longer count towards FTOP​
    • No TNT knockback / damage​
    • Auto Potion Consumption (Right click any potion to consume)​
    • Sponges sponge lava​
    • Water does not destroy redstone​
    • Brand new amazing warzone & spawn​
    • Redesigned scoreboard​
    • Redesigned tab
      Redesigned hub​
    • Economy has been re-done (Shoutout ImLean!)​
    • Levelled fishing rods not functioning properly has been fixed​
    • Crop Hoppers have been fixed​
    • Shockwaves are now fully functional​
    • Lag issues with chunk busters have been fixed​
    • Monthly crates not giving items have been fixed​
    • We have added some additional security features​
    • Fixed a glitch allowing players to use trench pickaxes in another faction's claim.​
    • Fixed a glitch allowing players to use sand wands in another faction's claim.​
    • Fixed Infusion enchantment​
    • Sand genbuckets are now fixed​
    • All lag-issues from last map have been fixed​
    • Cows, Endermen, Pigmen, Spiders, and Creepers no longer stack​
    • Alt account limit per player has been set to 40​

    • New KOTHs​
    • New Outpost​
    • We are re-introducing an event we had on BattleMade about 2-3 maps ago, The Goblin’s Cauldron; boss mobs spawn out of these in the warzone every 2 days.​
    • New custom event; Capture the Obsidian - factions will compete to destroy an obsidian block in warzone. Whoever gets the most hits on it wins loot!​
    • New daily challenges; the 3 top players who complete / do the most of the challenge will win rewards at the end of the day! (/daily), challenges are things such as who can mine the most cobble, who can kill the most spiders, etc.​
    • New bounce-pads have been placed around the warzone, these will help you navigate through our large warzone quicker.​
    • New faction corners feature; whenever your faction claims a corner, a message will announce in chat, and you will win 1x Battle crate key, and random loot.​
    • New mobcoins; these drop from mobs that you kill; use mobcoins to purchase items from the /transfer menu.​
    • MobCoin Pouches (similar to money pouches, but for mobcoins)​
    • Boss Mobs (3 tiers)​
    • New sand wands, will instantly destroy a sand pillar in your claim​
    • Crop Hoppers (collects all crops in a chunk)​
    • Added the Battle Pass; this pass can be purchased with mobcoins, or from our store, and lets you complete challenges to win rewards, similar to the current system in Fortnite.​
    • CACTUS ONLY ECONOMY - Removed cactus hoppers​
    • New bounties feature has been added, self-explanatory.​

    We do not want anybody to miss this amazing release!
    Release time is 2PM EST / 11AM PST / 7PM GMT
    This Saturday!

    IP: pvp.battlemade.com
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    So the factions haven't reset yet. Whens the release date for Map 11?

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