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    IGN (In Game Name):





    Do you have a microphone?:

    Yes I do. (Blue Snowball)

    Discord Tag:


    2-3 hours on weekdays, (mon,tue,wed,thurs,fri) and on weekends its around 2-3 hours again, sometimes more.

    Past Experience:
    After many, many years of Minecraft the amount of servers I have staffed on are endless. But the main ones are Trainee on Mineplex back in 2015 and Admin on HcfPvP.

    Why do you want to become staff/Why do you want to become staff?:

    You should choose me to become a staff member because I can offer many things to BattleMade. For one, I have a controlled-funny personality. I know when to tell a joke , and when it's not appropriate. I'm always cheerful and optimistic, and like to think the best of people. I'm very trustworthy, and treat other people the way I want to be treated. My teachers and peers never fail to remind me that I'm definitely not shy - I'm really outgoing. I enjoy moderating communities or groups of any size, and I try my best to do so in a lighthearted manner because I don't want to become a staff member that's completely serious where their job routine has become "BAN HACKER. PUNISH ADVERTISER. REPEAT.", which brings me on to my next point.

    I know what it is like to become a staff member, and I know that it's not at all just punishing a rule breaker or answering questions because I've had some decent experience overseeing other servers. I have personally known one of the owners, Brendon, for many years now and he knows how much of a good staff member I can bring to BattleMade. I am aware that as a staff member, I will have to work as hard as I've done in the past, if not harder, to display the professionalism and efficiency that BattleMade strives to have. I can bring maturity, dedication, respect, and overall a well-rounded member of the staff team. I plan to punish as many rule breakers as possible, all while having fun at the same time, and make the community a better place to be apart of as much as I can. I consider myself much different from your average 16 year old who's applying to become a staff member. I am extremely dedicated to any server who recruits me - in-game or forums.

    Many people my age apply to be a staff member on another server - they get accepted and are egregious at their job. Similar to what I said above, I can make people happy. Maybe someone is having a bad day and doesn't feel all that great - I can try and make them feel better. I know how it feels like to have a horrible day and feel really sad. I usually see a person in chat going "PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!" and, nobody helps them. I want to help as many of these people as I can, like said above. I have been in their shoes before. I would desperately ask for help in chat on a server and nobody takes a couple of minutes out of their day to help me.

    My eye is always on the chat - since I have a pretty large monitor and my GUI is so big, It's pretty hard to not see the chat. I have a good recording software - I have OBS and I produce videos in 1080p. Using a hacked client ruins the game for everyone. I like to think my screensharing skills are better than average. This is why one of my main goals is to extinguish as many hackers as I can from the BattleMade server to provide a more legit experience for everyone.

    I got into the Mineplex staff team at the peak of its popularity at the age of 12 years old, setting off records for someone as young as me at the time, and was an Admin on HCFPVP for around 2 months before it shut down.

    Although one 16 year old kid won't make much of a difference here on BattleMade, rule-breaker wise and helping out players, I'll try my very best to do as much as I can to help out.

    Additional Information:

    brendon love you babe
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    You will receive more information soon regarding your interview.
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