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    Professional Site Touchscreen Controller
    Hardy007 Controller
    √ Siemens PLC with patented Fuzzy Logic PID control arithmetic
    √ 7" TFT touchscreen site HMI
    √ Display definition in 0.1℃,0.1%r.h.,1min
    √ System definition in 0.01℃,0.01%r.h.
    √ Chinese/English operating language
    √ RS485/USB/RJ45 communication interface port
    √ Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP communication protocol
    √ Manual & Program operating manners
    √ 100 separated programs storage capacity
    √ 100 steps programing capacity for each program
    √ 9999 max. circles for every group of steps
    √ 1 programable sequential control output
    √ Graphic test data display and CSV format test data logging file
    √ Remocon remote monitor/program software linked to max. 32 chambers
    √ Up to 10" or bigger TFT touchscreen HMI
    √ Other operating language substitution available
    √ Other communication interface port available
    √ Up to 16 programable sequential control output
    Hardy multi-language program/control controller Hardy007 which has been equipped to thousands of Hardy chambers is verified with its reliable and precise by more than 15 years' site running and operation. With the latest PLC technology and Hardy patented control arithmetic our controller provides you a friendly HMI and a finest process control besides a reduction of electrical consumption. Chamber Controller manufacturers

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