[BATTLEMADE] Revamped factions. (Map #13)

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    Factions Map 13

    May 4th, 2 PM EST
    Check here to see what time release is for you!

    To get a feel for this season, please watch the trailer:

    Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive two rare keys. For more information about re-uploading please join our Discord and look for the #trailer-reuploads channel!

    With our primary focus for this release being bug fixes, optimizations, and balance, we've made several gameplay decisions you can read about below which will differ this realm from Mars. Let's start off by talking about the general server details:

    General information
    • 12 Corners, 3 Worlds
    • Mars: 5k x 5k
    • End: 5k x 5k
    • Overworld: 10k x 10k
    • The economy for this map can be found here

    Revamped rules with strict punishments
    • General rules can be found here
    • Raiding rules can be found here
    • Faction warnings can be found here

    We will be having a one week grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:
    • TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
    • Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
    • Mining Spawners will not cost money during this period.
    • The so-called “bitch claims” will be removed.
    • /fps will be disabled.

    During the first hour of the map, we will be disabling a few things to make sure the release goes as smooth as possible
    • Flying will be completely disabled.
    • /wild will be disabled
    • Outpost will be disabled.
    • Everyone will be invisible at spawn.

    Factions information
    • Players per faction: 100
    • Power per player: 100
    • Allies: 1
    • Cannon Speed: 3 seconds / wall.
    $1,000 F-TOP Prize
    There will be a $1000 Factions Top prize for Map 13.
    First payout is May 18th.
    May 18th payout:
    • #1 - $80 PayPal / $95 Buycraft
    • #2 - $35 PayPal / $85 Buycraft
    • #3 - $75 Buycraft
    • #4-5 - $65 Buycraft
    May 25th payout:
    • #1 - $80 PayPal / $100 Buycraft
    • #2 - $40 PayPal / $90 Buycraft
    • #3 - $70 Buycraft
    • #4-5 - $50 Buycraft

    Important Features
    • These are an alternative to crop hoppers. They collect all cactus/sugarcane and mob drops in a chunk.
    • Purchasable from buycraft, 16x for $5 or ingame for $100,000 each
    • Rewards for capping are 1.5x XP boost, 1.5x MCMMO boost, and 2x sell boost
    • The outpost is in Dark Realm and is run 24/7
    • The Battle Pass is filled with loot for players to win by completing challenges
    • This is a chest that spawns in the Dark Realm with loot filled in it.
    • You can set bounties on players. When the player is killed, the killer wins the set bounty amount.
    • Completely balanced to provide an OG feel.
    • There is loot at every faction corner. Faction corner claims are also announced.
    • For a quality pot feel.
    • /jackpot opens a pot where players can put money in.
    • Fishing rewards are rewards players randomly win from fishing. Fishing rods are also levelling, and better loot is won the higher the level.
    • Legendary fishing rods are regular levelled rods but with better loot.
    • Fishing rewards are rewards players randomly win from fishing. Fishing rods are also levelling, and better loot is won the higher the level.
    • Legendary fishing rods are regular levelled rods but with better loot.
    • Obtainable pouches from many evenets to gain money depending on their tier.
    • Exclusive crates with high tier rewards.
    • Buckets that upon placement generate said material vertically or horizontally.
    • Exclusive god kits with high tier armor, weapons & items.
    • After grace mining spawners costs money to prevent from ftop hiding.
    • Supply crates that drop in warzone every few hours with middle-high tier rewards.

    Bug Fixes
    • Major queue improvements. You shouldn't have an issue whilst queuing now.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies were able to access non-oak fence gates despite /f perm indicating otherwise
    • Fixed an issue where all faction members, no matter rank, received land unclaiming notifications
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to enchant tools such as but not limited to: Trench Pickaxes, Tray Pickaxes, and Harvester Axes
    • Implemented a restriction where players must have an empty inventory before entering printer mode
    • Fixed an issue where collection blocks were not picking up leather
    • Reduced the amount of blocks required for an Enderman to die of fall damage
    • Fixed an issue where players were not able to go through pages of /f inspect
    • Fixed an issue where certain redstone items were not being placed in printer mode
    • Implemented a restriction on /homes and /ehomes whilst in combat
    • Implemented a particle version of /f seechunk to help with FPS
    • Fixed several printer dupe glitches
    • Fixed an issue where the 2x Outpost multiplier was not working properly
    • Fixed an issue relating to obtaining certain custom enchantments
    • Fixed an issue where sticky pistons could be used to move blocks into enemy claims
    • Fixed an issue where printing sand charged you the wrong amount
    • There is now a BRAND NEW cannon jar

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