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    -=[ Arlind_'s Staff Application ]=-

    IGN (In Game Name):
    Age: 16 Years Old.
    Timezone: BST (British Summer TIme)
    Do you have a microphone?: Yes
    Discord Tag: Arlind_#9263
    Availability: I will be available for at least 3 hours a day. I will be able to get on from Monday to Sunday seeing as I have finished school. Due to me starting work, I will be on very late EU time from around 8 PM to around 11 PM on weekdays. I will be on all day on weekends seeing as I don't work weekends.


    Past Experience:
    I have been staff on multiple servers. Now they weren't any BIG BIG servers and I have forgotten the names of them all but let's be honest, who remembers all the servers they have ever been a staff member on?

    I used to own a server around 2 years ago called REVIVED REALMS and from owning that server I had learned how hard it is to maintain a server as well as be the one with the most responsibility on the server. I had to keep it clean, keep it bug-free and had to impress all the players as well. I had to do this because at the time I was not very trusting and I only had 2 staff members that would just talk to players and make sure everything is fine. REVIVED REALMS's average player base was around 80 players on weekdays and around 140 on weekends.

    A couple of months ago, I sold a server called PlazaMC which I had owned for around 2 months. It had a player base of around 60 - 100 players (not including bots) and was sold for around $300/400. I sold it because I didn't really have enough time to study and run a whole server at the same time.
    I have also been a staff member on at least 50 other servers since I started playing Minecraft back in 2011/2012.

    Why do you want to become staff?:
    I think I am fit for this position because of my previous experiences of being a staff member on servers, owning servers and just my knowledge in general. I've played Minecraft for a really long time as I have said already in this application and within that time I have learned a ton of things that would qualify me as fit for a staff position on here. I have learned that all servers have different player & staff rules, however, I have noticed that there are some basic rules that are constant throughout all servers. I do believe that I am mature but I do like having a bit of a joke with players sometimes just to keep things fun (no one likes a boring person now do they).

    I have been a part of the staff team on a very large amount of servers with ranks ranging from the very lowest, Helper to ranks ranging to Administrator, Head-Administrator & Management which has taught me about how different most servers are from each other in the way they are run & managed. I am very hardworking when it comes to tasks and I do believe that I can complete any task thrown my way that does not include anything to do with building (I absolutely suck a building).

    I also have a good reputation on MC-Market and I could use that reputation to try and get more players in as well as YouTubers and Streamers.

    Why should we accept you as staff?:
    You guys might hear this a lot but I know my shit. A lot of people apply to just have that staff member rank, to be able to boss people about but I am actually applying to help out. I love helping out servers and improving them to the best of my abilities so they can successfully grow and have a large active player base. I also have tonnes of experience which is what a lot of applicants lack. They might make their applications look good but once they get on the server with their staff rank they don't show off anything they wrote in their application.

    I honestly don't know what else I should write here. I've covered the points:
    • I know my shit.
    • I have tonnes of experience.
    I also want to add that I know what to do in most situations that regard to helping out players, keeping an eye on people without making it obvious and whatever else, actually helping out players that are in need of it. I honestly believe that I can do anything I am assigned as long as it doesn't involve building or developing a plugin.

    Additional Information:

    If I was to start off as Helper then I would just be active on the forums, and the network and the Discord. I would be giving out any information that is passed through me and just having a good time looking after the network as a whole and the players in the community.
    As a Moderator ( and higher) I would work to the best of my abilities to ensure that the server is as bug/glitch free as I could make it and that everything that requires staff higher staff attention is tended to.

    Thanks for taking time out of your day and reading my application, I appreciate it. If you would like any extra information or would like to know anything OR if I've missed something out then just PM me. <3

    - Arlind_
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    Please add more detail in category "Why should we accept you as staff"

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