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    Dear players of BattleMade,

    The server has changed throughout the years with how people play. Raiding used to consist of glitching, trick teleporting into bases, and insiding. But, with new cannon technology being made everyday, those techniques are a thing of the past. 3 maps ago, when I was not even moderator, but I had helped Fanikz with the server setup. There really wasn't much competition that map, maybe 4-5 factions REALLY playing with 6+ active members, and then the rest of the factions were stragglers or mini-factions with 2-3 people. DaringEagle was playing (under that account name) and had a base in the end with a decent amount of walls. His faction was #2 at the time, and suddenly, ChrisJK insided them. EVERY single person in that faction quit. Two days later, another faction was insided, causing every single one of them to quit before TnT was even enabled. The map was even more dead, and it was honestly sad. I hate insiding because there are SO many ways to raid bases nowadays. Plus, other players from the server have come to me for 2 maps now and asked me to make it bannable, so I'm making it bannable. Scamming is legal, yes, but insiding is ILLEGAL. I will now more in depth lay out the rules for insiding so people know EXACTLY what is legal and what isn't. (Shoutout to MuchAura for some of these things):

    Unclaiming your faction's land/base (unless owner)
    Disbanding your faction (unless owner)
    Mining spawners to leave the faction for your own profit
    Blowing up your base
    Teleporting other factions to your base (You can teleport allies in to help get enemies out during a raid, but if you do so to assist a faction in raiding your own faction, that is bannable.)


    ALL spawners, and ONLY spawners will be returned to the faction you betrayed. Ban will be 7-14 days depending on how severe your actions were. Now, your faction can choose your length of ban, or choose to not have you banned if the bad blood has been resolved. The punishments are our attempt to deter kids from insiding, because it only ruins the fun for everyone else in the faction. We return items to factions who have been betrayed because it's ridiculous to lose your hand work in such an illegitimate way.
    Selling loot from your faction's spawner rooms (kick this player and their home will be deleted, and it won't be a problem anymore)
    Stealing from your faction members' vaults (scumbag move, but you can prevent this by /f owner your land and setting up boxes)
    Taking from public chests (they're public for a reason)
    Paying someone from another faction with funds received from your faction's spawners

    ANY attempt to cheat the system through means of insiding will result in a faction disband and a perm ban to all players involved/who know about what the situation.
    Any questions/comments/concerns, please mail me on forums or in game, and I'll be sure to listen and change the rules accordingly.

    Link to rules: http://battlemade.com/threads/battlemade-official-rules.595/
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