Hello guys, I have finally done all the things I had to and I got time to finally dedicated into the server. I have many things planned but unfortunately the server died because of all the issues we had faced. What I was thinking is consider this release as BETA map, since most of the glitches and bugs have been fixed. If the poll turns out to be a revamp, then I will definitely hire a knowing manager and only keep the most knowing staff members.

I promised to fix all the lag, I did fix it. Now I promise to make the next map as good as it can be and I will keep my promise.

Regarding F TOP:(If community decides to revamp)
  1. $50 PayPal or the Buycraft reward
  2. $30 PayPal or the Buycraft reward
  3. $20 PayPal or the Buycraft reward

Side note:
A new gamemode(HCF) will be releasing some time in August.
Announcement Almost a week!
This has been a good start for our factions server with many new factions and players playing. We are planning to make this map last at least untill October/December, so please stay updated for more additions and features. Thank you everybody for playing!

Grace period

  • Ends 15th July - 3pm EST
  • 80% SALE will be active for a few more days

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.
Announcement Small Update
Small changes to enhance the experience on our factions server. Stay updated, we have planned an event for this weekend, don't miss out any forum posts.

Changes: (Will take effect after daily restart)

  • General
    • Crops growing fixed in regular world
  • Economy
    • Potions category balanced
    • Added all missing blocks to shop
    • Obsidian price increased
    • Iron sell price increased
    • Sand scaffold price changed to $1.5k
  • Mob Spawning
    • Pig zombies will drop gold ingots
    • Enderman will no longer teleport
  • Combat
    • No more flying around KoTHs
    • Enderchests disabled around KoTHs
    • Added feed & faction commands to combat tag

Thank you for reading, if you have any more bugs or suggestions, please comment down your input!
Thank you all for playing this map, most of the server flaws have been fixed, only leaving the mushroom spawners & spawned mob aggro on our list. So far the release has been really good and promising!

Changes: (Most of them will take effect after daily restart)
  • Axes nerfed (mcMMO)
    • General damage nerfed by 25%
    • Critical hit damage nerfed by 75%
    • Armor impact chance lowered by 50%
  • Swords nerfed (mcMMO)
    • Bleeding chance significantly nerfed (90%)
    • Counter hits disabled
  • Potions nerfed
    • Strength potions nerfed to 1.5 hearts per level
    • Healing potions will give 3 hearts per level
    • Regeneration will give 1.0 hearts per level
  • Knockback changed
    • Normal hits do 0.4 knockback compared to vanilla
    • Normal sprintings hits will do 0.8 knockback compared to vanilla
    • Fishing rods will do 0.4 compared to vanilla
  • VPN completely blocked, reason for that is so players cannot evade their ban, cannot log in more alts than 20 and so we can bring starter crates back as a welcoming reward per ip.
  • Fishing rods at spawn fixed.

Stay updated for more updates & of course leave feedback. ;)
Announcement Release Notes & Poll
Release Notes:

Thank you everyone for your support, stay updated! ;)