(To reupload, copy the same title/desc. as the vid above for keys!)

Map 3.0 - Saturday, December 23rd (2PM EST)

Welcome to the announcement thread for Factions Map 3.0! We truly believe this map will be the most successful map we will have. Be sure to read over all changes!

STORE: http://store.battlemade.com
DISCORD: http://discord.rip/battlemade

(( There will be a limited time 85% sale before release! Get your items now! ))
Map Information:
  • Overworld, 10,000 x 10,000 border
  • End, 5,000 x 5,000 border
  • Mars, 5,000 x 5,000 border
  • 12 corners in total
  • Re-uploading trailer will award you with 1x Legendary key on release. Be sure to use the exact title & description.
  • $1,500 FTop
  • $300 BalTop Reward
BalTop Info
  • BalTop Prize in total: $300
  • Prize will be paid out at the end of the map
    • #1: $100 PayPal
    • #2: $50 PayPal & $50 Web-store credit
    • #3: $50 Web-store credit
    • #4: $25 Web-store credit
    • #5: $25 Web-store credit
F Top Info
  • FTop Prize in total: $1,500
  • There will be weekly payouts, paid out every Saturday. (9 week map)
    • #1: $60 PayPal
    • #2: $50 Web-store credit
    • #3: $25 Web-store credit
    • First day of payouts: December 30th (Saturday). This is to give everyone a fair chance of winning and to not rush anything, as the map just started.
  • At the end of the map, there will be a final FTop prize:
    • #1: $150 PayPal
    • #2: $150 Web-store credit
    • #3: $120 Web-store credit

Main Changes/Features:
  • East-West Cannons fixed
  • TNT lag has been fixed
  • New Mars world, & Nether world has been disabled
  • Advanced Gen Buckets (5 types)
  • /f banner, /f stealth, /f coleader, /f motd
  • Visible 1.8 WorldBorder
  • Sand stacking fixed
  • Free factionfly, free TNTFill
  • Shockwave 3x3 Picks, Infusion 5x5 Picks
  • GKits, & a new limited time XMAS GKit
  • Increased cactus / sugarcane growth
  • (50) power per player
  • (100) members per faction
  • Sell Wands
  • New daily, weekly, & monthly /missions
  • Improved Treasure Hunts (Envoys)
  • Rune Enchants (speed, strength, etc)
  • HIGHLY improved crate rewards
  • Token Shop
    • By killing mobs, you can get tokens to be used in the /tshop. Token shop is a way to purchase in-game items by grinding.
  • Token Pouches (similar to money pouches, but for tokens)
  • Boss Mobs (3 tiers)
  • Crop Hoppers (collects all crops in a chunk)
  • Crop Chests (collects all crops in a chunk)
  • Player balances no longer count towards FTOP
  • New KOTHs
  • New Outpost
  • No TNT knockback / damage
  • Auto Potion Consumption (Right click any potion to consume)
  • Sponges sponge lava & water
  • Water does not destroy redstone
  • Brand new amazing warzone & spawn
  • Redesigned scoreboard
  • Redesigned tab
  • New EXP pets (3 tiers)
  • Spawner Upgrades
  • Economy has been re-done

We do not want anybody to miss this amazing release!
Release time is 2PM EST / 11AM PST / 7PM GMT
This Saturday! (23rd December)

IP: pvp.battlemade.com
The Map 2.0 has been lasting long enough for me to be able to constantly update it and figure out stuff that would need to be fixed. Now that Map 2.0 is over I will be doing my best to release Map 3.0. I will be working with some of the server's experienced and active members that have always been here and know basically everything about it to release Map 3.0 and make sure it is feature packed and bug free to make it lasting and enjoyed by players.

Thank you everyone for playing this Map and I will see you next map! ;)

* Information about Map 3.0 will be posted some time later, once everything has been sorted and decided.

The situation with F TOP is a bit different than should be, not going to make anything public but the faction holding 2nd place had a very unfair advantage over another faction therefor 2nd place gets no reward but there will be 2 3rd places due to all this misunderstanding, the faction that got abused and the faction that is currently on F TOP 3. Thank you all for reading this, it will not happen again as staff permissions and staff in general will be re-done again.

1. Asylum ($150 PayPal)
2. 911 (XXX)
3. Not displayed. Will be contacted privately. ($50 PayPal)
3.1. Respect ($50 PayPal)

[!] Leader of each faction must contact me on discord.