↪ DOWNLOAD - https://www.mediafire.com/file/e377...OM - $1275 F TOP - August 19th @ 3pm EDT.mp4

- 50+ subs
- 30+ views

- 1x Leg & 1x Battle key

Once uploaded leave a comment with the following format:
IGN: <Your username>
Trailer link: <Link to yt>
Announcement [MAP 2] RELEASE INFO

Saturday, 19th August @ 7pm UTC/3pm EDT
↪ 7day grace period for tnt and creeper eggs.
80% sale off first few days of release.


↪ 1st Place: $300 Paypal + $300 Buycraft credit
↪ 2nd Place: $200 Paypal + $200 Buycraft credit
↪ 3rd Place: $100 Paypal + $100 Buycraft credit
↪ 4th Place: $50 Buycraft credit
↪ 5th Place: $25 Buycraft credit

↪ Overworld - 10k x 10k (custom flat terrain)
↪ End - 5k x 5k (flat sandstone with a y level of 32)

↪ 100 power per player
↪ 100 players per faction
↪ No inactivity kick
↪ Power gain frequency increased

↪ AutoCannons patched
↪ Web patched
↪ Items on ground will not blow up
↪ Sand will stack on all half blocks
↪ Water protected spawners will blow up

➥ All bugs an issues sorted

➥ Economy greatly improved
➥ Crate issues patched
➥ New Management
➥ New Staff Team (Click Me)
➥ Anti-Cheat improved
➥ Sponges properly working
➥ Completely new builds
➥ Fishing & Mining rewards
➥ Added Spawner upgrades (Removed stacking)
➥ Added Monthly Crates
➥ Optimized server performance & mechanics
➥ Reworked permissions

* Bans Reset
* Youtube ranks Reset
* All bugs fixed and a very stable server release is guaranteed
Hello everyone, we have decided to change the release date of the server to make the most successful and smooth release we can. We will have enough time to make sure there are no bugs and issues for the release, please stay updated on the forums for more changes and updates! ;)

RELEASE DATE: Saturday, 19th August @ 7pm UTC/3pm ET(eastern)

Forums design updated, kinda late to announce but hope you guys like it!

Youtuber applications removed, please re-apply - http://www.battlemade.com/forums/youtuber-applications.27/

All bans have been reset - http://www.battlemade.com/bans/
NOTE: Chargebacks will not be tolerated and players that did chargeback will stay banned.

Staff applications are open - http://www.battlemade.com/forums/staff-applications.13/

The official release thread will be posted some time next week. The new staff team will also be posted soon.
Announcement Revamp confirmed.
The Revamp has been confirmed and will be happening through out the following weeks to ensure a smooth and stable re-release of Map 2.0. The official revamp thread will be posted some time later next week.

Release date: Saturday, 19th August @ 7pm UTC/3pm EDT (UPDATED)

You must resubmit youtuber applications - http://battlemade.com/forums/youtuber-applications.27/

Staff applications will be open until the release of next map: http://battlemade.com/forums/staff-applications.13/

Thank you for reading and stay update on forums!
Hello guys, I have finally done all the things I had to and I got time to finally dedicated into the server. I have many things planned but unfortunately the server died because of all the issues we had faced. What I was thinking is consider this release as BETA map, since most of the glitches and bugs have been fixed. If the poll turns out to be a revamp, then I will definitely hire a knowing manager and only keep the most knowing staff members.

I promised to fix all the lag, I did fix it. Now I promise to make the next map as good as it can be and I will keep my promise.

Regarding F TOP:(If community decides to revamp)
  1. $50 PayPal or the Buycraft reward
  2. $30 PayPal or the Buycraft reward
  3. $20 PayPal or the Buycraft reward

Side note:
A new gamemode(HCF) will be releasing some time in August.